Dive Center Management Software

Diver - Dive Center Management Software May I give you some time, some time with your customers?

Let me help you to run your back office smoothly. When your dive center back office is running smoothly, you will be relaxed and have more time to spend with your customers.

Dive Center Management Software doesn't just handle your business, it gives you business.

Diver Information and Student Administration

Keep your information up to date. Store forms in an orderly way so you can find them easily again with our Dive Center Management Software.
Use the information the next time you see the diver, it will looks like you know all the details.
DiveCenterManagement has a complete CRM System for divers inside.

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Schedule Courses, instructors and students

Schedule courses and see in one form the instructor, the assistants, students and dates.
Print the information needed for the course. Look at the dive gear needed for the course, etc. Everything for dive courses and other dives.
Schedule Confined Water Dives, Knowledge Development and Open Water Dives.

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Reduce Paperwork, Reduce Time

The complete administration in one program. Place all the student information at the student record, store course information at the student record and store scanned documents with the student information.
Keep all the information in one place and reduce time and paperwork, search for the students and see all the attached documents.

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Always searching for new students and new divers?

Build on a good relation with your existing customers and invest in a good relationship with them. Create mailings and send them to your existing customers, Invite students for courses and only the students with the right level. Send an email for Christmas, New Year or the beginning of a new dive season.

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We are using the Dive Center Management Software for over one year. It has helped us with our marketing in a great way,
the number of returning customers is grown with more than 25%. Our administration of students and forms is easier than we did it before, now we look at a student and see all the information and courses.

Use it for Free

I can tell you everything about our Dive Center Management Software, the way it can help you with your administration, your marketing and the way it let you reduce your paperwork. I work with it
for years and know how it has worked for me.
Who can better decide this software is the right software for you? Indeed only you can!
You can download the Free 15 user version of our Dive Center Management Software. Free, no time limits and easy to update to more students.
Download Now the free 15 users version of the ScubaStudents program