Always busy and your work is never done.

 Christian Matteman    30-04-2015

With these tips I hope to help you. I'm not telling you how to work, I tell you how you could be working.
Feel free to use my advice.

You know the feeling. You are working hard, making lots of hours and your work is never done. You have the feeling you are running in circles instead of running forward. All the good ideas you have but there is no time to implement them. Each time at the beginning of the season, you will change the way you work, but each time at the end of the season you haven’t changed anything and you still keep running in circles, around and around and around.

Don’t work hard, work efficient

Planner What do you need to do today? How much time do you need to spend for it? A day is split in hours, make use of that. Split your work in hours and write down each hour another job. You get 50 minutes for each job, so you have each hour 10 minutes to clear your mind, drink coffee, talk to your guests or just look over the water. One of the biggest problems is mail and social media. People look at it all the time and why ??? Do you really need to answer each mail at the moment you receive it? Three times per day you open your mailbox and answer the mails, this is also written on your schedule and once a day you open your social media sites to write messages or answer to people. The planner-template I use here is from:, it does not matter what you use, as long as you use it.






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