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 Christian Matteman    10-05-2015
With these tips I hope to help you. I'm not telling you how to work, I tell you how you could be working.
Feel free to use my advice.


Clean desk, clean mind. Some people work structured, some complete chaotic. Try to work structured and at one thing at the time. To avoid being distracted concern that the office is cleaned up. When you start your job, you pick everything you need, when you are ready you store it. Stop wasting time by searching to your stuff.

Clean up your desk / office is not so difficult. You can start with 3 boxes. On one you write: “Trash”, on the other you write “Look again” and the third you write: “To Store”. Now you can start filling the boxes. The first thing you do is the Trash box. This is the most easy one. The second thing you do is the To Store box, store everything on a logical place. At last you will start the “Look again” box. Look at your stuff and decide to throw it away of to store it. Fill up the Trash and To Store box. Store everything and throw away the trash.

Don’t use the whole day on cleaning up your office but schedule one hour a day for it. After one week you have spent 5 hours on cleaning, done all your other work and your office will look completely different.

Growing out of your Office? Too much stuff? No problem, just handle everything in your office as “Look again”. Work in a logical way and be creative in storing your paperwork. Do you really have to have a hard copy or can you scan papers and store them on your computer (please don’t forget to make also backups).


ScubaStudents is designed to store lots of information in a way you can easily find everything back. There is a special module for storing scanned documents per student. Scan all the paperwork, add it to the student and put away in a big box ;)

When you need the documents, you can search the student in ScubaStudents and print your scanned documents.

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