Same product Eight times more Expensive

 Christian Matteman    30-09-2015

It sounds strange, but it is true.

Last week a sales person from software we are using was calling. She was asking if we were happy with the product and if we are using it often. We are using it every day and we are very happy with it. Our contract, it was a 3 year contract, was almost ending and she wants to come to me, talking about a new contract. No problem, you are welcome I said and the appointment was made.

The system is a Helpdesk system in which we are registering all the tickets for our customers. For one of our big clients we have a second system, they can register and solve problems and if needed they can transfer problems to us as a second line problem solver.

She was right on time and was not alone, a new colleague from her was also with her as trainee. Still no problem. The two versions we are using are € 50,= and € 100,= per month. € 50,= for our customer and € 100,= for us. We are using the program for over 5 years so you can say we are a good customer for them …….
Nope, we were paying to little!!! We were paying an introduction price and not the new regular prices. The regular prices where € 399,= per month per version. This is 8 times more than the price we paid for our customer and 4 times more than the price for our version. We were paying € 150,= per month and in the new situation it has to be € 800,= per month …….

You will understand we are never paying € 800,= but it is an indication how thing can go wrong. They let you use the program, and when you are in a situation you have to change half your company if you don’t use it anymore, they will rise the price. In this case it is about a SaaS product (Software as a Service, you work web bases).

Lesson learned: This is not the way I want to work with Dive Center Management!!!

I want the appointment with you that prices (after purchase) will not grow faster than the European inflation index indicates. 
Never over my dead body I will tread you this way!

Christian Matteman