Dive Center Management Partner Program

We appreciate it if you use our software, but did you know you can make money as a affiliate?

Send us leads, we let the sun shine for you.
Kickback  - Receive a 15% kickback.
Free registration  - Free registration.
Own region  - You will get your own region.
year after year  - Not payed once, but year after year after year. 

How does it work?

At ScubaStudents we believe in service. This includes a strong partner program, where we like to build a lasting relationship with our affiliate partners.
After registration, you "own" a region and only you and ScubaStudents my advertise in your region. The big advantage for you is you know your colleagues and you speak their language. You will bring your colleagues to us as a customer for us and let them try ScubaStudents. You can place a special link on your website or bring them on manually. Your customers will be your customers.

I can offer 15% kickback on the selling your customers are doing. This means 15% of all the selling, year after year after year. The only thing you have to do is let them try ScubaStudents, I will do the rest (payment, after sales, support and your customers will automatically be in the ScubaStudents marketing program for sales the next year). So, you only have to bring me the customers and as long as they stay customer you will get money.
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