Pricing for ScubaStudents

We will offer you price that fits you company. The price depends on the number of students that you expect in the coming year. The license is for one year.
If the license has expired, the program can still be used, but no new students can be added.

Depending on the number of students is the cost for this program is € 0.54 per student.

The first 15 users for free.

We don’t believe in trail versions which you can use for 15 or 30 days. If you want to try a program, you have to work with it. When you download ScubaStudents, it will run in Demo mode and be fully functional for 15 students.
If you decide to continue using the program, you can add a license for the desired number of students. The program does not need to be installed for this.

The price is depending on the number of students you expext this year:

€ 60,50 for a 65 student version (15+50)
€ 108,90 for a 115 student version (15+100)
€ 179,08 for a 200 student version
€ 206,91 for a 300 student version
€ 232,93 for a 400 student version
€ 264,08 for a 500 student version
  more than 500 students, please contact us
All prices include Dutch VAT

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