Be a Dive Center Management Buddy,

A ScubaStudent Buddy is someone who has advised a Dive Center / Dive School to use ScubaStudents. Someone can be everybody except the one who buys ScubaStudents.

Do you need to be an Instructor?

No, you also can be a guest or a student or just someone who is telling about it on a birthday party.


What’s your job?

Your job is easy. You tell about ScubaStudents to a Dive Center / Dive School. You tell me to who you have told it and you ask the Dive Center to try ScubaStudents. At the moment the Dive Center ordered, I give you 7.5% of the amount + € 10,00 as extra bonus of money they spend at ScubaStudents that year.
Don't stop at your first attempt. You may contact multiple Dive Centers and tell them about ScubaStudents.

For example: You tell about ScubaStudents to Dive Center “Dive Under”. You let me know you have done it. Dive Center “Dive Under” tries the ScubaStudent program and they decide to buy it for 200 students per year. You will get € 23,43 ($ 25,74) from me. If you wish, I will publish your name on the ScubaStudents Buddy List.

So why shouldn’t you do it?

Let me calculate: I can fill my bottle in The Netherlands almost 6 times, six dives for Free :D


Be a Dive Center Management Buddy

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