Dive Center Management Marketing.

It begins with collecting information about your students and customers. At the moment they arrive, they will tell you their name and when you ask they will give you their address, phone number and email address.
At the moment a customer does a course at your dive center, they have to fill in forms and it’s up to you to collect the information the right way.

After the customer leaves your dive center, your marketing starts. It would be nice if the customer comes back to spend their next holiday. Now you will need to have the information collected with ScubaStudents.


With the ScubaStudent program you can receive all email addresses with one click. You can also get the students from a course done at your dive center. Now you have the information to send your customers a mail for Christmas, wish them a Happy New Year or invite them for the next season. When you have planned a special dive or event, you can invite your customers to join you.
To make emails more personal you can export them to a CSV file with first name, last name and email address. The CSV file can be used in MailChimp to write (personal) newsletters to your customers.


Please be aware of sending spam. You may not send e-mails to everyone. Most of the time you may send emails to your customers but check the regulation for your country.

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