Don't work hard work intelligent!

An administration begins with a system to file the documents in a way you can find them easily back again. You need to create a system that works for you. Dive Center Management Software will give you a system to store your paperwork.

Filing documents 1.0

At my own dive center I had the same problem, I had paper documents which I stored in my document cabinet. This system works fine for a couple of students but when the number of students where growing and the years go by this system is slowing you down. It is difficult to find old records of a student when you catalog everything by year. It is difficult to collect the information of all the students last year when you catalog it alphabetic.

Returning divers had to fill in all the paperwork again because I could not quickly find the old documents.





Welcome to the computer age

Let computers do the work for you. Computers are great to store documents, index files and can search many documents per minute. The new way of working begins with the scanning of the hand written documents, filled in forms etcetera. Most of the time I use the scanner at my office, but sometime I use my phone and make a picture of the documents. The scans from my scanner are automatically stored in my scan folder and I rename them in a logical name. Now I start the Dive Center Management Software and go to the student card from the student I want to store the documents from. Just click on the “Add Files” button to at the Files tab of the student card to add the documents to the right course. Add Scanned Documents

Never lose documents anymore.

I know, it is not very personal but each diver has a number in the Dive Center Management Software. You see the number at the Diver Card. Diver Number
The paper dossier I have is ordered on numbers.
When I need to have the original documents, I look for the student number and pick the right document within a minute.

Digital is faster.
The scanned documents stored in the Dive Center Management Software are not stored in a database but on your harddrive. Make a copy of the ScubaStudents folder at the c:\prod folder and you have all the information you need. Store your copy in the cloud or on a removable hard drive and you have a safe backup. Please store your backups outside your office. In case of a fire your files are safe.

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