Tired of planning courses on paper?

Searching for a system to plan courses, add an instructor, add students and change everything dynamically?
A system which gives you not only the planning for a course, but also the scuba gear you need?
Make a print for the students and staff about the course.

Schedule a course.

The possibility to schedule and reschedule courses.
Course planning
The most dive courses we give have multiple dives, Confined Water and Open Water, and knowledge development. For a course you need to have an instructor and students and most of the time they have their own schedule, so it could be necessary to reschedule some lessons from time to time.

Scheduling and rescheduling is easy with the Scuba Students Course scheduler.

First, you select the course you want to schedule. Then you select the number of Confined Water Dives, Knowledge Development and Open Water Dives and you can start scheduling the course. By double clicking on the "Start Date" field you will get a little calendar so you can pick a date easily.


What is a course without students?
You can add students to a course by selecting them of searching on their name and add them to the Course.

Course Overview

After you have scheduled the course and added the students, you can create some overviews for the instructor, students and yourself.
You can give the overview to the students and let them know the schedule for the course, you can give the overview to the instructor so he knows the schedule and the students and you can create an overview with the dive gear you need for this course. The instructor or dive master can pick up the dive gear and get ready for the Confined Water Dives of Open Water Dives.
Course Overview
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Gear needed for a course

Most students have not all the dive gear with them when they follow a course. When students are on holiday, they are limited on luggage, when they begin to dive they have nothing. For the most of the courses you give you need dive gear for your students.
At the ScubaStudents Student Administration you can select the dive gear a student needs, not only the gear but also the size of their equipment. If you have given in the dive gear, you can get an overview of the dive gear needed for a course. You can use the overview as a packing list for the course and make a planning for the gear needed for a course.
Gear needed for a course
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