Did you become a Dive Instructor to do Administration?

Dive Center Management is the number one software for Dive Centers and has an excellent administration module for Divers, Students and Staff members. All the information you need in one program.
It is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system special for Dive Centers with extra functionality for Dive Centers.

Student information, special for your dive center

A good CRM system is designed to do things only once and don't let you repeat the same things over and over again. The CRM module of our Dive Center Management Software begins with the name, address, etc. of a scuba diver or student. You only have to fill in the information once and you can use it for different courses or dives. The same information can be used for the marketing of your Dive Center.

Special for Divers

You can store not only the default information but also an "In Case of Emergency" phone number of all your students.
There is also space to indicate what scuba gear someone needs and when you schedule a course you can see the dive gear you need for all your students. The next time a diver or student comes to your Dive Center, you know what the diver has used the last time. It makes your work easier and the diver will be happy with the personal touch.
Everything for a happy diver. A happy diver is a returning diver and shares his happiness with his friends. 

Register dive Courses

Know your customers, know their names, know the courses they have done, know the instructors they have had and store all the documents. A complete system for your dive center. Knowledge is power and with Dive Center Management Software you know what courses your divers have done so you can customize your e-mails for them. Why should they search for another dive center if you can give them what they want? You can give them what they want because you have registered their information the right way.
Registration the courses is a part of the marketing and it is very useful for situations dive organizations are asking questions about some students.

Storing documents

Do things once. Let the student diver fill in the forms scan them and store them with the student information. Student number
Each student has a unique student number in the Dive Center Management Software, use this number to file your original documents if needed. Use one system for the same information.

You can store any type of document in the program. Emails, Word documents, PDF documents, pictures, etc. It's up to you what you want to store, there are no limitations.

It is safe.
All the stored documents are saved with the database with all the information on the hard drive of your computer and not on the internet. As long as you keep your computer free from viruses and your firewall on, all the information is safe. The chance of hacking a single computer with a small database of students is much smaller than hacking a big site with a database with lots of information.
The only thing you have to do to make it safer is to make a backup from time to time. You have to copy only one folder to a (encrypted) USB stick to make the backup. All the stored files are in student folders in their original file format, so you can use them even without the Dive Center Management Software.
We have made it this way to create a Dive Center CRM system which works for you.

Special Notes

Happy Customer You can make special notes about your customers. Imagine you have at my dive center last year and you come back to me, I will recognize you and invite you for a drink. I go inside my office and come back with your favorite drink. What do you think? Wow, after a year he remembers me or do you think I have a good CRM system and looked at it when I was in my office. The last one is true but don't tell anyone else.
Because I have looked at your information, I know your dive level and the last course you have done at my dive center, so I invite you for some special dives or a new course.

The special notes come from the Dive Center Management Software, the special treatment from me :-) Service with a Smile.

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