Christian Matteman

I am born and living in The Netherlands. I have studied ICT and worked as a programmer, website designer, system administrator and IT consultant. I'm a father of three children and happily married with my wife Monique.

At 1996 I have started my first company in the IT and at 2003 I have to stop the company for different reasons. In those 7 years I have learned a lot, how to work and the way you don’t want to do it. From 2003 until now I work for an ICT company, worked as an dive instructor and worked for my own as a entrepreneur.

Christian Matteman
Ap Matteman I have started my own dive company Mc Diver in the year 2000. At that moment I was a divemaster and later on an PADI Instructor. A new passion was born: teach people to dive and at this moment I still work as an freelance instructor for several dive centers. This is one of the reasons I started this site: most of the time a Dive Center is started as an passion for diving and not to work as a manager or to manage other instructors.

Slip into the Ocean
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I think you can reduce office time when you know how to do your job in an efficient way.

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